Thursday, March 10, 2011

Barry M Nail Effects

Hello peeps! So I recently purchased the Barry M Nail Effects at Boots and was really excited to play around with it. I decided to pair it up with Barry M's Mushroom, which is one of my favorite nail varnishes ever! I tried layering the Nail Effects over the entire nail but didn't like it as much as I thought it would; it just wasn't me. So then I tried covering half the nail with Nail Effects and I loved it! This is how it came out: 

The Nail Effects is a matte finish, so if you're into a more glossy look, you can add a top coat to your nails. If you like the matte finish, don't add the top coat. It looks great that way too. I've added a top coat. You could also just add a top coat to the color varnish that you've used and leave the Nail Effects matte.

I'm very into pastel colors, especially nudes (mostly because they suit my skin tone the best), which is why I decided to use 'Mushroom'. Bright colors are not for me (with exceptions of course), and something that is overly glittery is definitely a no no. This design would look great with probably every color that's out there, so let your imagination run wild! I was a little skeptical about the shattered design at first, but that's when Barry M launched an affordable version so I figured I might as well try it. The design has been around for quite a while now, and do correct me if I'm wrong here, but this is the first one that has been introduced to High Street stores. I didn't want to spend lots on one of the expensive versions, like O.P.I's Black Shatter:

I tried looking for ideas over the internet to use this polish in different ways instead of just layering it over the entire nail. I didn't find anything at all! Anyway, I hope you like the look of it and will try it. If you have any ideas on how to use the Nail Effects in a different way other than layering the entire nail or half the nail with it, do let me know because I'd love to try it out!

You can purchase it here:

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  1. Ooh I have both mushroom and instant effects too, and I love them both! Great job :)