Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog sale buys!

Hey ladies! Here are some goodies I purchased from a blog sale on

MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush
Soap and Glory - Hocus Focus, instant visual flaw-softening lotion
Nails Inc - Caramel
Nails Inc - Savile Row
Nails Inc - Plum 

Soap and Glory - Hocus Focus
MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush

I like all these products, but I can't say that I am absolutely in love with them. I am not very impressed with the MAC blushcreme. The texture is quite thick and collects in the lines as you can see in the pictures above (that is my hand, but same applies to the face!). I would not recommend cream blushes that have thick textures for summer time as it will only make your cheeks feel kind of sticky. It makes you feel like you have make up on, which is the feeling I'm sure a lot of us try to avoid! Powder blushes are definitely the way to go during summer. The color is great though; it adds that light pinkness that you want to achieve a 'flushed' look plus a little extra something. Use a light hand with this as a little goes a long way!

The Nails Inc nail polishes go for £11 a piece (correct me if I'm wrong!) and I was expecting great quality, but that isn't what I got unfortunately. The colors are great and the brush is especially good for application on smaller nails, but the first coat I applied of 'Caramel' was very streaky. I had to apply two coats for an even coverage, which I wouldn't expect to do with something that asks for the same amount of money as a high end brand. I don't even have to do that with Barry M nail polishes, which go for under £3 a piece. Don't let this put you off Nails Inc polishes though, I might've just gotten one of 'faulty' ones. I've only tried one of the 3 that I got, so that is probably the case!  

I really like the Soap and Glory Flaw-Softening lotion. I add half a pump to my foundation, mix it and stipple the mixture all over my face. It gives that glowy and dewy finish and eliminates the need to use a highlighter on my cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose. It doesn't however soften any of the flaws on my face. If it does, it's not nearly enough for me to be able to notice. In spite of this though, I have to say that I will consider repurchasing this. I love me some highlighter for my cheekbones and nose bridge and this product does the highlighting without me having to take that extra step. (Note that it adds that shine to the whole face, but the cheekbones are especially highlighted in the process as light hits that area the most.)  

Have you bought anything off a blog sale recently?

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  1. I agree, powder blushes and anything powder is the way to go during the summer.

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay