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Mascara Review: Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect VS Rimmel Day 2 Night

I was running out of my Covergirl LashBlast mascara (which I love!) and was in dire need of a great new mascara that would give me longer and more voluminous lashes. I had been hearing a lot of things about the Rimmel Day 2 Night mascara and the Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect mascara, so I did what I always do and caved into the temptation.

First off, this is my eye without any make up so you can see just how well these babies work!

And please excuse my horrible undereye circles, the weather in Hong Kong isn't being very nice to me. Screw you, allergies!

Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara

Rimmel says: Rimmel introduces Glam’Eyes Day-2-Night, our first mascara that creates two dramatically different lash looks with just one brush. The secret is the magic double cap! During the day, choose the Length Cap for ultra-long, gorgeously defined lashes – perfect for those flirtatious encounters by the photocopier. And for night time, choose the Volume Cap, and plump your lashes to up to 15 times their normal thickness, leaving them voluptuously 
lush-looking and ready to party.

So as you can see, there are two wands in one bottle; one for length and the other for volume. The Length for daytime and the Volume to spice up the lashes for nighttime. 

This is what the Length wand looks like. The bristles are set further apart which really lifts the lashes as you can see in the picture below. I wouldn't say it is harder to use than a wand where the bristles are closer together, but because the wand is quite long, it takes a little more work precision-wise. 

1 coat of Length only 

The bristles in the Volume wand are thicker and and more tightly packed. This helps achieve the thicker looking lashes. This wand is easier to use as well because it is much shorter than the Length wand. 

Length + Volume, one coat each
What do I think of this mascara overall? I think it's great if you're willing to spend an extra minute to do your lashes every day. The fact that it has two wands is definitely a good thing when it comes down to precision, but when it's about the time it takes to get there you'll need another minute or two. The staying power of this mascara is incredible. It stays on for pretty much the whole day which is 10+ hours without smudging or flaking. If you are not accustomed to wearing mascara, this is one to try. Even with one coat of each wand, it feels weightless. I don't believe it is waterproof so may melt in certain conditions.

I have to say I am very impressed with this mascara and personally don't think there is a downside to it. There is very little clumping, if any. It shows how the wand and bristles make such a huge difference with the same formula. The mascara does what it says on Rimmel's website, which is create the perfect lashes for daytime as well as nighttime. I would definitely repurchase this one again. Lashes bring the whole make up look together after all, don't they? Now everything comes down to this: does it beat Bourjois's Volume Fast & Perfect? 

Available in brown and black.

Retails for £7.99 at Superdrug, on sale for £5.99 at the moment 

Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect

Bourjois says: Innovative new mascara : The new auto rotating brush instantly and evenly wraps around each lash for a false lash volume effect in 30 seconds flat!

The brush rotates 360° and coats lashes from root to tip with no overloading guaranteed.
The rotating motion continuously deposits all mascara from the brush onto the lashes and evenly spreads just the right amount of formula onto the lash fringe effortlessly and in record time.
The Volume Fast & Perfect mascara does the work of a professional make-up artist for you achieving volume and definition in just 1 step!
No need to dip the brush into the mascara tube twice. In only one stroke, lashes are evenly wrapped for maximum volume and a perfect false lash effect.

I was really excited to try this mascara because of the rotating wand!

2 coats of Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect

The bristle part of this wand is quite long, probably much longer than the average mascara. It's great because you can get to a lot more lashes while rotating the wand. As for the rotating aspect of this mascara, I love it. It helped me get right to the bottom/ root of my top lashes and coat the entire length of each hair with the product. It separates the lashes, but when repeatedly applied, it starts to clump a little. I personally liked this clumpiness as it made my lashes look more voluminous. The staying power of this is extremely good! It stays on for over 10 hours and does not flake or smudge. It is not a waterproof mascara, so be careful about where you are wearing it if you sweat a lot! Point to remember: it volumizes more than lengthens.

The wand rotates in two different directions so minimal effort is required when you apply it. The dual rotation makes it easy to apply mascara to both eyes (I find it harder to do the left eye as I am right-handed). One really great thing about the formula of this mascara is the fact that it contains jojoba oil (which is great for hair), vitamin E and natural waxes. These are all said to be good for the growth of the lashes! Come on, who doesn't want that?

The only downside of this mascara is the fact that it can dry out much faster than the average 3 month life of a mascara. Another downside if you are not accustomed to wearing mascara; it does not feel weightless. 

Does it do what it claims to do? Not entirely.

Available in black.

Retails for £11.99 at Superdrug.

Who wins?

Rimmel Day 2 Night

  • 2 different looks
  • Really lengthens and volumizes lashes
  • Separates lashes well
  • Not clumpy
  • Stays on long
  • Doesn't smudge or flake
  • Easy to remove 
  • Feels weightless
  • None

Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect

  • Contains complex of ingredients for growth of lashes
  • Volumizes
  • Rotative wand 
  • Doesn't smudge or flake
  • Stays on long
  • Can feel the weight of the mascara
  • If you don't like clumpiness, this is not one for you
  • Dries out fast

As much as I love the innovative edge that the Bourjois mascara has, I don't think I will be replacing my old-fashioned 'manual' mascara anytime soon. The Rimmel mascara has given me a better finish and has a lot more pros and I fell in love with it the first time I used it. Don't let this stop you from trying out the Bourjois mascara though! It is good, just not as good. Plus it's good to try new things and get a feel of everything right? If you are willing to spend £11.99 on a mascara, try it. It's something creative and new you might actually love! 

Do you have any recommendations for a good mascara? Let me know!

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