Saturday, February 19, 2011

Elle Style Awards 2011 - The Best and the Worst


Emma Watson in Hakaan
Emma Watson bagged the Award for the Style Icon for a reason. She's been coming out with some pretty amazing outfits recently, and this one is no exception. The color, the detail, the style, it's sophisticated yet fun. I have to say though, I am not a huge fan of her hairdo. Don't get me wrong, she looks good in it, but I don't think it does her face justice! Long locks would look gorgeous on her. Anyway, her body is definitely made for that dress!

Blake Lively in Pucci
Blake, blake, blake. I ADORE her fashion sense. She just never seems to let you down when it comes to fashion. Not just that, she looks good in everything too! (Who wouldn't with those gorgeous pins!) The thing that I like most about this gown is definitely the style. I think I can say without doubt that I haven't seen anything else that looks like this. Not only is the style unique, the color is quite rare when it comes to gowns and formal dresses. I don't remember the last time I saw a gown in this color? It complements her skin very well, she looks very radiant. Oh and love the shoes too! Great contrast I'll say. Looove.

Courtney Love in Givenchy
I never thought I'd be saying this, but Courtney Love looks great in that gown! With the recent string of questionable photos that she's put up on Twitter, I'd  say she cleans up pretty well. Firstly, the gown is utterly divine, almost angelic. Her hair looks great too. Wouldn't have done it differently myself. Let's hope she keeps this up?

Thandie Newton in Louis Vuitton
I feel like Thandie Newton is a breath of fresh air amongst the crowd of intricate gowns and clean cut looks. She looks gorgeous in the floral LV, and personally I don't think she should wear any other color after this. I'm not one for florals but this gown is such a great blend of sexy and pretty. Not so sure about the footwear though, Thandie.

Not bad, but could do better...

Cheryl Cole in Alexander McQueen
I wasn't sure what to make of Cheryl Cole's red gown. I think after all the outfits she's been coming out with, this one was too safe a choice. I mean, look at her at the BRIT awards 2011! Stunning or what?!

Cheryl Cole in Stella McCartney at BRIT Awards 2011
It's not a horrible, unsightly gown. It's just that she can do so much better.


Alexa Chung in Yves Saint Laurent
Why is Alexa Chung always in grandma outfits! Wouldn't you expect more from a contributing editor at British Vogue? Disappointment.  

Laura Bailey
Is it just me, or do tights look really out of place with a dress of that length? Anyway, people were probably too busy looking at her disastrous dress to be able to acknowledge the tights. Sorry, Bailey.

Minnie Driver 
I think the image speaks for itself. It looks ill-fitted and does not flatter her at all. Kudos on the shoes though!

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  1. love all the dresses- esp Blake's. Blue looks great on her!



  2. I know, she's almost glowing isn't she? Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really really appreciate it.