Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Wishlist

No girl can have enough of anything. Here are a few (okay, maybe a little more than that) things that I want right now!

Louis Vuitton - Speedy 35

I think the best thing about LV bags are that they go with pretty much any outfit you throw together; I mean that in every sense. Casual, formal, you name it. I'd have to give up eating if I decide to get this bag. (Yes, another broke university student) Anyhoo, it adds a lovely touch to any look.

GHD IV salon styler

Yes, I am that broke. To be honest, I don't really straighten my hair all that much, but that's only because I've never owned a GHD hair styler. I am currently using a Toni and Guy hair straightener, and the results are definitely not the same as those of a GHD. I think if I had one I would straighten my hair more often...

Christian Louboutin - OTK Suede Button Up Boots in Black

Christian Louboutin - OTK Suede Button Up Boots in Black

Aren't these to die for?! I think they just might be the sexiest boots I have ever seen. And you've probably already noticed that I have a little thing for boots. Guilty. To be honest though, I don't own a lot of them. Anyway look at how gorgeous they are! They're not exactly the newest thing in fashion, but I think they won't ever go out of fashion. They would look especially amazing with skin tight skinnies and a comfy jumper?

Marc Jacobs - Lola

Okay this may sound a bit silly, but I don't even know what this perfume smells like. The bottle is so pretty though! I wouldn't even want to use it, just leave it on my table and let it look pretty haha.

NARS - Albatross
NARS bronzer - Laguna

NARS blush - Dolce Vita

Gorgeous colours. 'Nuff said. All hail Francois Nars!

So these are a few of the things I'm really after at the moment. I think we all know what my savings account is going to look like soon.

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